Category: Historical Landmarks

  • Punchestown Longstone

    Punchestown Longstone

    Journey back in time with the enigmatic Punchestown Longstone – where every stone tells a story, and every shadow holds an age-old mystery.

  • Irish Celtic Crosses

    Irish Celtic Crosses

    Dive into the rich tapestry of Ireland’s history as we unravel the stories and symbolism behind the iconic Irish Celtic Crosses—a blend of ancient paganism and Christian faith, etched in stone.

  • Derrynane House And Gardens

    Derrynane House And Gardens

    Discover the legacy of Daniel O’Connell at Derrynane House – where history intertwines with the serene beauty of County Kerry. A journey back in time awaits.

  • Kilfenora High Crosses

    Kilfenora High Crosses

    Delve into Kilfenora’s rich history, where ancient high crosses stand as timeless testaments to a bygone era of spiritual devotion and masterful craftsmanship. Experience the City of the Crosses.