Irish History: The first Viking raid on Ireland
Irish History From The Annals

The first Viking raid on Ireland was recorded in the Annals of Ulster in the year 795 when the Vikings attacked Rathlin Island off the coast of Antrim.

The burning of Rechru by the heathens, and ScĂ­ was overwhelmed and laid waste.

Rechru refers to Rathlin Island which is situated off the north coast of Co. Antrim. The island had a monastery that was founded by St Comgall of Bangor in the sixth century. The monastery was attacked and looted by the raiders and the whole monastery was set it on fire. The annals also record that the same year the Vikings attacked the Isle of Sky in the Hebrides. After the initial raids the Vikings built permanent settlements in Ireland in the ninth and tenth centuries and were an influential force in Irish history until the arrival of the Anglo-Normans in the twelfth century.

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