The National Museum of Ireland

The National Museum, Collins Baracks, Dublin.

The Museum was founded in 1877 under the Science and Arts Museums Act 1877 which lead to the amalgamation of the collections of the Royal Dublin Society, Royal Irish Academy and Trinity College Dublin. The Museum moved to its present, then newly built, premises in Kildare St. next to Leinster House 1890. The National Monuments Act 1930 gave the Director of the Museum a statutory role in the protection of archaeological artefacts and the licensing of archaeological excavations. Since 1987 the State has had a legal ownership of all archaeological objects found and the National Museum is the legal repository of these artefacts. In 1994 the Collins Barracks Museum opened and in 2001 the Museum of Country life opened in Turlough Park, Co. Mayo.

Today the archaeological collections are housed in the original Kildare St. Building. The Decorative Arts and History collection is housed in Collins Barracks. The County Life collection is housed in Turlough Park House Co. Mayo. The Natural History Museum houses the state’s collection of zoology and geology.

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